Monday, August 8, 2011


I love the book Pie by Sarah Weeks!

I think it could be an excellent fourth and fifth grade choice for Joliet Reads. While the protagonist is a female, it is not a girly book. Her best friend is a boy and they have adventures as they try to solve a mystery. The catch: reading the book made me hungry for pie!!!

Here's the book description from Good Reads:

"Who would leave a world-famous pie recipe to a cat?

When Alice's Aunt Polly passes away, she takes with her the secret to her world-famous pie-crust recipe. Or does she? In her will, Polly leaves the recipe to her extraordinarily surly cat Lardo . . . and then leaves Lardo in the care of Alice.

Suddenly Alice is thrust into the center of a piestorm, with everyone in town trying to be the next pie-contest winner ... including Alice's mother and some of Alice's friends. The whole community is going pie-crazy . . . and it's up to Alice to discover the ingredients that really matter. Like family. And friendship. And enjoying what you do."

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