Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Witchy Worries of Abbie Adams

I have found another good 4th and 5th grade choice for Joliet Reads. While it has a female protagonist, she has a younger brother and the book has a *special* guest who is a prominent male.

The 242 page book is The Witchy Worries of Abbie Adams, written by Rhonda Hayter. It is light, fluffy and fun.

Here are some reviews:

From Booklist -
For fifth-grader Abbie, being a modern-day witch can be fun, especially when she gets to do primary research for school by time-traveling. It also brings challenges, such as hiding her family’s magical abilities. Life gets more complicated when her new kitten turns out to be 13-year-old Thomas Edison, under enchantment. Soon, Abbie’s regular worries about performing in the school play or preventing her little brother from turning into a wolf and biting his teacher give way to new concerns about how to remove Tom’s spell and return him to his own time. Abbie’s breezy, personable narrative incorporates droll asides and references to Edison’s life and to famous literature, from Alice in Wonderland to Harry Potter. Her colorfully drawn family includes her physician father, whose attempts at curing dreaded “Witch Flu” add humor and depth. Whether facing familiar issues (fitting in, sibling challenges) or fantastical ones, such as developing and using her magic responsibly, Abbie is an appealing, peppy protagonist who finds that there are “all kinds of magic in the world . . . with or without witchcraft.” Grades 4-6. --Shelle Rosenfeld

Excerpt from Kirkus -
"Delivers plenty of entertainment to the elementary and middle-grade audience interested in magical fantasy....Light as cotton candy and just as tasty." --Kirkus

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