Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gooney Bird Is So Absurd

The child and I read Gooney Bird Is So Absurd by Lois Lowry earlier this week.

We just love Gooney Bird Greene! The child enjoys the books because they're funny and she likes finding out more about the well-developed characters she has gotten to know.

I also enjoy the books for those reasons, but appreciate that the books teach children how to tell a story (or write a poem, in this case) without the children catching on that they're learning something. They are kind of like a writers workshop in a book. This is the type of sneaky and devious educational method that I can appreciate! The books also encourage creativity and individuality. And the wearing of panties on one's head to assist with creativity, but we won't be trying that at my house.

A great choice for Joliet Reads!

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